Cinemark Movie review “Ninjago ” Lego

By Elisa Plata

Revolver TV

Cinemark Theater Albuquerque NM Ninjago Everything starts at a antique store, the attendant starts talking about the legend of ninja to a boy. Is the story of a boy and his father at a Lego City named Ninjago. Ningago city is under attack. Fire ninja Erick ninja Ice ninja Lightening ninja Water ninja Green ninja fights in the air! Ninjas protect the city Evil volcano ninja appears and call his son, Koko is mom and He goes to school but nobody wants to be his friend because his dad attacks the city. City under attack Drones are flying up on the is attacking the city They want to take control over tv to rule ninjago Alarms start sounding and ninjas get ready to protect the city. Everyone loads on their spaceships Dragon spaceship is amazing! Tire ninja it’s huge and strong! Lightening ninja flies over in amazing circles! Fire ninja shoots amazing missiles Dragon green ninja saves the bus! Evil explains why he wants to control the city and it’s because hi is hurt because he wants his guitar 16 years ago, he was irresponsible and he just talks about sushi?! Lol hilarious Definitely not a reason to be evil however the script is funny. Dragon green ninja is ready to attack! He will not let evil destroy the city. City is covered in smoke, green ninja tells him he will never take over the city. Evil is hiding on a bubble and he wants to use a bomb… Things get building up and evil and his spaceships go away threatening to come back! They return to volcano base Master mau starts training them for the battle. It is coming soon and they need training. He shows theirself powers Green ninja does not like his power He has to be good because his dad it’s bad and he feels sad and embarrassed, disappointed. Corn Flakes cereal on Lego appears to be a sponsor at movie good shot! Lego people are back at the beach Everyone runs scared Evil norgadom has built a super huge spaceship that walks out of the beach He is shooting over the city All ninjas are in position to fight garmadom And protect the city. All quality of graphics are genius! Music is great and in place Special effects are well produced. Evil garmadom is trying to take over the antenna tv and control all the city! Garmadom attacks green ninja Green ninja tells him get out of Ninjago forever Green ninja push the red light and a huge cat comes purring ! It’s hilarious We really never expected a cat to be on the movie… Funny The cat is following the red light laser like cats really do… and destroys the ninjas spaceships. The city looks devastated Evil wins for the moment Green ninja destroys the red light laser Green ninja tells her is ashamed to be his son Koko gets upset and sad Green ninja runs away “Loyd” All ninjas are ok Master boo is alive! Cat is destroying the city! Master and ninjas say you most follow the right path! Master teach the ninjas a lesson Master woo runs and ninjas ask him to help them repair the damage Loyd has a long way to go to recover his friends trust! They get ready to rescue the city The orchestra music is right on time Evil norgadom plans a battle against his son Ninjas are training on the jungle Master trains them I got the power! Master senses the presence of evil Master and norgadom prepare to fight Master is the real master as ninja He trow him right away All ninjas cought on a trap a norgadom They are transferring norgadom And they want to kill norgadom because he threw them out of volcano They are fire! They want to kill his son too They are mad because they are out of volcano Orchestra is amazing ! They want to throw norgadom inside the volcano! Ninjas finally appear back and find out that Loyd is been captured. Ninjas try to figure how to be real ninjas! And save green ninja Ayayay! They used a Hispanic expression in between Asian fighting expressions, interesting. Norgadom starts talking but ninjas arrive to save Loyd”green ninja” They escape on a classic rock song! His dad started feeling better by doing good and saving the city Norgadom has never smiled and feels awesome! Loyd looses his right arm. They are frickin out They try to find loyds arm They find his arm and put it back… Conversations are hilarious Yaaaayyy he gets his arm back on and he calls him a real dad! They are happy and need to run! Get moving They flight back Finally rebuild their son dad relationship They crash and fall They fall where the ultra weapon is It’s their palace and Loyd finds out his mom was the best ninja! She was fighting for good, norgadom falls in love with her Love at first fight! His dad told him how his mom changed her life so he would have a better future His mom was the best and wanted the best for him. They find the ultimate weapon Loyd has to choose , his dad still wants to destroy and conquer Ninjago Loyd ask him to be a hero! Norgadom takes the ultimate weapon and runs letting down his son and the ninjas! They think they are gonna die! The power is inside you… Green ninja speaks… they listen to master… inner peace. Look within… Lightening breaks out ! They get their powers within Lesson of wisdom They want to attack the master and ninjas again…but ninjas are stronger than ever! Cat miaussss it’s cute They fighting to recover the city and take the weapons out of norgadom hands… The cat eats norgadom Loyd tryes to save his dad and talks to the cat… Cat is purring Loyd talks to his dad through the cat Norgadom cries fire and cat throw him out Loyd ask forgiveness to his mom Ninjago gets rescued. Everyone is happy … Very funny family movie! Totally recommended! Thank you to our friends at Cinemark in Albuquerque NM supporting Revolver TV Download your channel at Or directly at

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